Coach Fair of Cheyenne High School finally emailed me back. The message I had left prior to his email was basic, so I he wasn’t aware of my purpose. I emailed him back with the following:

Coach Fair

I’m a documentary photographer with Sunbelt Digital Media, which is a new media production company in association with KVBC (NBC Channel 3) here in Las Vegas.

I’m writing to ask your permission to document your point guard Elijah Johnson for the upcoming 2008/09 basketball season. I moved here less than a month ago, and I heard about Elijah on the local sports radio station as I was pulling on to interstate 15 (by the way it’s 1,768 miles from Chicago). Right then I knew this would be a great story for Sunbelt Digital Media.

You have a very special player in Elijah, and I think the story of his senior year at Cheyenne would be an extraordinary story. My equipment is minimal and I work alone a majority of the time. My intent isn’t to be a distraction, but to show the state of Nevada and ultimately the nation what Cheyenne High School basketball is all about.

I come from a family deeply involved in Prep Sports back in Chicago. My father runs an online TV broadcast company called that streams high school events (swimming, baseball, debate teams) live online. So my love for prep sports, basketball specifically, has roots at home. I would be honored if I could follow your team this season. I think a project like this can be very beneficial to the Cheyenne High School Athletic program and the North Las Vegas community at large.

I know you’re very busy with your class schedule and commitments, but if you’re interested I would love to meet with you to talk more about my idea and answer any questions you may have. I apologize for giving you the wrong information. I just moved so things are still new.

Thanks for taking the time to email me and I hope to hear from you soon.

I have yet to hear back from him.


~ by dseals on May 5, 2008.

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