Meeting w/ the coaches

Gene and I met with the athletic director and the coaches for Finday College Prep. They were very nice and it appears they’re already sold on the project. I think this meeting was just to make sure all the parties involved were on the same page. The next step is to draft an outline for the headmaster of the school. Once he gives the OK, then we’re set.

Honestly, I want to get started as soon as possible. They were talking about having another meeting with the headmaster in July, but that’s just way too late for me. I’d like this wrapped up by mid June at the latest.

They said they won’t know the full roster for a few months, and the guys won’t be in until around Labor Day. That gives us time to get things together. But then I thought, why not shoot the school as they prepare for the team? I think that would be an interesting story too. Since some of the players live with the coaches in a house, you’d think there would be a set up time before they arrive, right? Maybe a first dinner?! I think that would be a great first episode.

My goal is to do a possible outline of the first 3 episodes. Just a rough draft.

FCP wanted to know a specific angle for the project. That I just don’t know right now. Honestly, my angle is to cover the season. I know it’s a very broad topic, but without knowing the subjects involved or what will happen this season, it’s kinda hard to come up with an angle. I’m sure a good story will arise from this project.


~ by dseals on May 23, 2008.

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