These guys are good.

Real good.

Like, it kinda amazes me that they’re all in high school.

I’ve been to two practices, one last Friday afternoon and another last night. It’s kinda crazy, but to watch these guys drill shots from all over the court with such ease is kinda hypnotizing. There are times I should be taping when I’m really just watching (don’t worry, I’m getting good stuff).

Sometimes I’ll think to myself, “Did he just extend himself and slam the ball?” These guys dunk the ball as easy as you and I open car doors. I’m not sure if that really explains it, but just watching them play, it seems so effortless. And as a basketball fan, I really respect that.

And it’s not just the drives to the basket, but how they run the floor, their court vision, the crispness of their passes to each other, their leaping ability, and I guess just the natural mindset to know where to be ALL THE TIME!

Last night there was a recruiter from Gonzaga. I wonder if the guys even noticed? Maybe it happens so often they don’t really think about it. Well, I’m sure all the players are thinking about it, right? I mean, they’re at Findlay for a reason right? To prepare them for the next level, right? Maybe.

Another thing I noticed was Coach Peck’s coaching style. When I think of high school and even college coaches, I think of the loud fiery old man who’s one goal is to break your back before your opponent does. But watching Coach Peck is something different. He’s very calm in his teaching. He’ll explain how a drill should proceed, and the team just does it. If they make a mistake, or if the movements aren’t correct, you’ll hear a whistle followed by an explanation.

“Here is what you did. Here is what you need to do. And here’s why.”

That’s an angle I intend to show throughout THE SEASON.

Today, the team is going to meet up to go over plays and strategies. Sort of a basketball class or film session. I’m going to attend that around 11:30.


~ by dseals on September 12, 2008.

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