More details.

I have a rough rough cut of how I want the first episode to go. I’ve been building (and re-building) it slowly the past month in my mind. I don’t have all the pieces just yet. Honestly, the sit down interviews are really going to give me an idea of how things are going to pan out. I’m very anxious to see how the players react to my questions. I’ve been jotting down ideas and questions for a while too. It should be interesting to see how these guys open up during our discussions.

When I talked to the team about what I was doing, they all seemed generally excited, which is good. I was worried some might not want to participate, which is fine. I don’t have to interview and document everyone. Granted I can’t purposely keep someone from being on camera if I’m trying to document the entire team. Eh…we’ll see what happens. I’m not really concerned about it.

This week I plan to organize some interviews either at the house or after practice.

Coach Simon is supposed to get me a game schedule soon.


~ by dseals on September 15, 2008.

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