The Interviews

The interviews have finally begun.

Last Thursday I spent about an hour talking to both Coach Peck and Coach Simon about the team. Both coaches gave me some great stuff and it got me excited about the future of this documentary. I learned a lot about their coaching style and their philosophies on the game. Listening to them speak sort of made me want to join the team (more on that later).

Friday I met with PG Issiah Grayson, F DJ Richardson, F/C Victor Rudd, C Godwin Okonji and C Carlos Lopez. I had a lot of fun talking to these guys and hopefully through the documentary people will get a chance to hear their stories.

Next? I gotta start putting together a short intro clip. I was talking to my brother Eric last night about how I should do it, and we both agreed that it should be something short and to the point. I really want the audio from the interviews to push this story. So the more we get to hear and see the players, the better. Plus, i don’t have a lot of in game footage to use on a fast paced hip-hop intro. Maybe next season.

Also, I gotta interview the rest of the team. I don’t NEED their interviews in order to finish the first episode (cause the stuff I got last Friday was really good), but it would be nice to talk to them just so they have an idea how the process is going to work. The documentary is going to cover the entire team from the players to the coaches. But right now I need to get started putting the first episode together, and waiting to interview everyone might prolong that.

Oh, props to our new photographer Jesse Reisdorf for the studio lighting. I’m horrible at lighting, but Jesse came through and hooked it up nice. The lights really made my footage look good. At first I was planning on doing more environmental portraits with my interviews, but after seeing how his lights looked in AVID, I changed my mind.


~ by dseals on October 29, 2008.

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