Music drives my editing…

I’m convinced I edit so much better when I have a music track.

I want to say a few months back this particular song (I’m withholding the artist and title cause I want it to hit people fresh) came up on the iPOD and it just kinda hit me. Like, the beginning of The Season just played in my head right then. Later on that day I went home and dedicated a special playlist in iTunes so I could keep track of all the songs, interludes and sounds I’d want to use throughout the season. Since then I’ve revisited this particular song over and over trying to compile b-roll shots in my head that would start everything off. So when I say I have a rough cut of it in my head, this is what I’m doing. I’m playing the song over and over again and trying to visualize what should be on screen.

Today I went out and grabbed some b-roll shots around Green Valley Pkwy and Horizon Ridge. I also went to the school and shot footage of the Henderson International School sign. It had some nice shadow patterns from the leaves above. While I was shooting this guy walking his dog stopped and kinda watched me. Maybe it was because I was standing in the middle of the street. Who knows.

Anyway, today is an important day because…well, I’ve been struggling to put this first episode together. This is one of the first projects I’ve had in a long time where I have complete control. It’s rare to have that kind of freedom, and sometimes that blank canvas can be intimidating. The past week I’ve sat down in front of AVID and just…stared at an empty time line. Then hours later when I’ve done nothing, I feel guilty about not accomplishing anything.

TODAY is different. I finally remembered to bring that song on a flash drive to work with me and import it into the time line. I played it under some of the b-roll I shot this morning and added a quote from Issiah’s interview and…wow.


So this is just a post to say I’m excited about what I have.
I’ll be at practice today at 6:00 to get some more stuff.

Soon folks, soon.


~ by dseals on November 6, 2008.

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