The first footage.

THE SEASON is the story of the Findlay College Prep High School basketball team here in Henderson, NV. Here is the trailer for the first episode. The series will debut in January of 2009 (a firm date has not been set yet). If you’re lucky enough to live in the Las Veags area, and have Cox cable, you’ll get to see the first episode early on the Sunbelt Digital Media On Demand channel. Check with your cable provider for more info.

After the trailer was finished, I felt it was time to show the guys what I had been working on for the past two months. This was the first time they had seen any footage from the documentary.


~ by dseals on December 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “The first footage.”

  1. […] really pay me any attention while I’m shooting, which is great.  And now that they’ve seen some of the work I’ve done, they respect me and allow me to just work, which is perfect.  I have a few shots where I was a […]

  2. […] the buzz for THE SEASON has really grown since I posted the trailer for the first episode.  All the reaction I’ve received locally here in Las Vegas and online […]

  3. This is a nice clear picture for the video! I also find prep schools very interesting…I live in Tacoma…same place as where Avery Bradley is from…and he did have Abdul Gaddy as his running mate haha…but this is very interesting and I hope to see more!!

    • Thanks! Unfortunately the company putting together the documentary was laid off. I’m going to post the first and only episode next week. Thanks for the support.

  4. […] Mickey … – Cats move up in rankingsA suspenseful ending || Tacoma WeeklyJayhawk Hoops: Recruit NewsThe first footage. « The SeasonGaddy, Bradley are finalists for Naismith Player of the Year […]

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