A record snow hit the Las Vegas area all day yesterday, making for some interesting scenes all around the valley.  A lot of the Findlay team had plans to head home for the holidays the next day, but if they didn’t get a flight out they might still be in Henderson.  They’re on break for the next few weeks, but then they have a practice ON Christmas!  Crazy right?  After the Stoneridge game Coach Peck was very stern about the guys not allowing their bodies to go soft.  “I’m not saying go work out every day, but a short run will help.”  I’ll be in Chicago until the 27th, so I’ll miss the first round of the Rock Holiday Classic.

20081217_55551This past week I’ve been listening to interviews for the next episode.  I really want to start this episode with some school sounds (school bell, busy hall ways).  But with school out, I might have to wait for the new year.  I’m also trying to come up with some ideas on how to implement the game footage.

Also, the buzz for THE SEASON has really grown since I posted the trailer for the first episode.  All the reaction I’ve received locally here in Las Vegas and online across the country has been great.  It seems January can’t get here soon enough..ha ha.


~ by dseals on December 18, 2008.

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