vs. Foothill HS

I decided to attend the game last night against Foothill HS. It was the first time I had been to Henderson International since Sunbelt Digital Media had been disbanded. I arrived 10 minutes before tip off and almost had a difficult time finding a seat. I guess the buzz of the Findlay team is getting out there because the gym was packed. I met a guy named Justin (I hope I got your name right) who has been following the team as long as I have. I also spoke with Rob Miech of the Las Vegas Sun. Right now he has a great article on the founder of Findlay College Prep, Cliff Findlay. Also if you need to get your video fix of the Findlay team, there’s a video embedded on the home life of the team. So check that out if get a chance.

I’m still working on episode two of THE SEASON. For the production people reading, I’m an AVID editor, but I’m learning and using Final Cut Pro on my Mac Book Prop laptop. I’ve spent most of my time collecting and converting all of my old footage from KVBC, so it’s taken longer than I expected.  I’m hoping the quality of these two episodes will fund a similar project for the 2009/10 season.

But back to last night. MAN, I really miss shooting pictures and video of this team! Going in to the half, the Findlay Pilots were only up 8 points. That was the smallest deficit I had ever seen going in to the locker room. I would have killed to get a camera in there…ha ha. In addition to the Las Vegas Sun, there was a cameraman from Channel 8 and another photographer from the Review-Journal. But it doesn’t matter really. Last night I wasn’t part of the media, I was a fan. While it was fun to sit back and watch the game as a fan, I enjoy the experience so much more when I have a camera in my hand. It was cool seeing the team and catching up with them. They have a game tonight at Bishop Gorman HS. Don’t meet me there, beat me there.


~ by dseals on February 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “vs. Foothill HS”

  1. Thanks for the love in the blog, Donnie. Close enough Justin (it’s actually Dustin from D.C.)! Yeah, I was doing some reading on ESPNRISE.COM and they wrote about the news that we already knew about Tristan Thompson( the big kid from Jersey) transferring in to Findlay. The best news I heard all day said that he actually is eligible to play this year, which was kind of surprising to me. This team was already sick before, but now absolutely bannanas! Just hope that the team chemistry will remain in tact. In that tournament in D.C., Findlay may actually run into Tristan’s old team, St. Benedict’s (N.J.), so that would be quite interesting. Anyway, take care see you at the next home game!

  2. sickist show by far. please keep filming this, garuentee poeople will watch.

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