Episode Two (Preview)


This is how the second episode will begin. I’ll never forget sitting at KVBC putting that intro together. I went away from the music intro from Episode One and used Coach Peck’s words to start everything off. This was the pre-game speech before the Rice game in late December for the Rock Holiday Classic (I posted the audio from Coach Peck’s post game speech about a month ago). I was very proud of this intro and eventually this entire episode because I was starting to really see the story come together. I felt this opening scene really gave people the feeling of being in that locker room, something most people don’t get to witness.

Anyway, the second episode is coming along great. Similar to the lone basketball sitting on the court in Episode One, I did a freeze frame on the team huddle up to bring the title in. I spent most of the past week applying b-roll footage and tightening up most of the interviews. I hope to have the second episode done before to go down to Washington D.C. with the team.


~ by dseals on March 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Episode Two (Preview)”

  1. Awesome work! I can’t wait to see the full episode!

  2. Thanks Matt.

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