Sports Illustrated & Deadspin

Winning a championship tends to bring out all sorts of publicity. There are two articles on Findlay College Prep that question the validity of the program as an educational center for top high school players. One of which is Phil Taylor’s article in the new issue of Sports Illustrated, questioning a program (or enterprise as he calls it) that provides players with Nike gear and flights to and from games. Deadspin asked the same questions…

“The Findlay in Findlay Prep is Cliff Findlay, a UNLV booster who set up a basketball program all by himself. The players live in a house that he paid for and fully stocked with furniture, big screen TVs, food—for when they aren’t eating out on the Vegas strip—and Nike clothing. (As assistant coach lives there as their babysitter.) He also pays for all their equipment and travel costs when they go to away games, and he pays (with other “investors”) for the $16,000-a-year tuition at the nearby Henderson International School. They do go to school, just not one that has a basketball team.”

They make it sound like a basketball player resort..ha ha. No matter the angle, I’ll take the traffic.


~ by dseals on April 10, 2009.

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  1. Great ideas.

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