Deleted Scenes (Part 1 & 2)

This is the first of a lot of new content coming to the blog. These two videos are a collection of clips that I always wanted to use in the first three episodes, but never got a chance to. You have to understand, even though I’ve only produced three episodes (Yes, the third and final installment is on its way), I have TONS of unused footage. When I put together an episode, the first edit is usually around 20 minutes. The goal was always to keep each episode web friendly (8-10 minutes long). So with that time structure, a lot of good footage would get left behind.

In putting together THE SEASON DVD, I wanted the extra content to be something worth watching. Some of these clips just show how interacted with the team, other clips were fully edited ideas that never made an episode (ex. The extra time with the teams ACT/SAT Prep teacher Christine Lee). So check this extra footage out and stay tuned to the blog. I have a big update coming in the next week.


~ by dseals on June 4, 2009.

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