Oscar, Rich & Tark

Let me set up the situation on how this all came together. Coach Peck sent me an email asking if I’d put together a highlight video for the Findlay Banquet. No problem. Honestly, I was honored that he asked. I received the email shortly before I left for Washington D.C. (yes again) for a wedding. While I was in D.C., I received a call from his wife asking if I’d put together a tribute video for both coaches as a surprise. So I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s an even better idea.”

I came back to Vegas and met with Mrs. Peck and John Haycock, a close friends of the Findlay family, and they informed me that they wanted me to continue to make the highlight video just as Mike had instructed. But now they wanted to add some interviews at the end as a surprise. With the help of Rich “RT” Taylor of Fox Sports 920 AM, we got interviews with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and a college basketball legend, Jerry Tarkanian. I also grabbed a few of the players and had them congratulate and thank their coaches.

When the tribute started, you should have seen the coaches face! He looked back at me like, “What is this?!” Is was a great moment, and I’m glad he enjoyed it. He later came over to me and said, “Can I take this copy? I want to go home and watch it again.”


~ by dseals on June 29, 2009.

One Response to “Oscar, Rich & Tark”

  1. *sigh*

    We gotta get you some more money so you can finish telling this story.


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