Still working on the first clip.

I know I said Monday (and it’s currently Thursday), but I didn’t want to just put out everything. Let me give everybody some insight to what’s going on. I’ve spent a some time with the Pilots as Coach Peck puts them through his conditioning workout. While I have a lot of footage of practice, I really need to get insight from the players and the coaches. I haven’t been able to get any good interviews yet. That will change hopefully today or early next week. I’ll be at practice early today so I can talk with a few of the players for the first video.


~ by dseals on September 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Still working on the first clip.”

  1. Hey man i love all the work you put into making all those videos, it shows a lot of people who think that Findlay Prep is a negative program wrong. It’s amazing what kind of opportunity this program gives to these young men.

  2. Great work! It tells it like it is… A family with the man at the top leading the way. Coach Peck and Simon are leaders and “the family” are some of the greatest young men assembled, who represent to the highest degree, our youth of today. Keep up the good work in your video/coverage. This also speaks well for you.
    Signed: My friends call me Jerry Jones

  3. Can you email me at the workout you guys did (conditioning program) im looking to get my self in shape for the season and its early!

    Great WORK!

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