Tournament Of Champions (Peoria, IL)

Today the Findlay Pilots left for Peoria, IL for the Tournament Of Champions.  I got some footage for a future episode last night and again this early this morning as they left for McCarran Airport.  While they’re away, I’m going to work on a few clips that I’ve had tucked away:

  1. Highlights from the game against Princeton Country Day (NJ).
  2. Coach Todd Simon talking about recruiting Enes Kanter
  3. Coach Peck’s Practice with Jerome Williams
  4. Out Of Bounds: Fast Food

So all of that is coming soon.  Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube page so you get all the latest video from the team in Henderson.


~ by dseals on November 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Tournament Of Champions (Peoria, IL)”

  1. wat date is the videos comin that r tucked away?

  2. This week (hopefully). I’m trying to get married this week too, so we’ll see.

  3. I attended the Tournament of Champions… I left shaking my head. The skill sets that each player has, as well as the preparation… (shaking my head). Amazing!

    • Yeah, Coach Peck and Coach Simon work hard on fundamentals and getting the most out of each players skill set. They still find ways to impress me, and I see them up close all the time.

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