Episode #8 “Nick Johnson 24/7”

DOWNLOAD: episode8music.zip
Little Brother “Sirens”
XV “Everybody Nobody”
Q-Tip “Wait Up”
Group Home “Suspended In Time”
NaS “Get Down”

I’m trying my best not to turn this blog entry in to a commercial for the Mino Flip Camera, but I love this thing. My version holds about an hour, the video is not bad (check all the OOB video clips), but even more impressive is the audio. It’s clean, the levels are decent and it tends to pick up everything. I carry it along with me everywhere as a “just in case” camera. Most recently, I gave it to guard Nick Johnson.

I’ve always wanted to send my flip camera with one of the players to get their perspective. It’s one thing when I’m pointing a camera in their face, it’s something different when it’s coming from a teammate. Last year I gave it to DJ Richardson, but he always brought the camera back empty. This year, I gave it to Nick Johnson, and he promised he would get me some great footage. I gotta give it up to Nick, he did a great job.

Through Nick’s camera work you’re going to get an inside look to the Findlay team as they travel to the east coast to play a few games.


~ by dseals on March 11, 2010.

11 Responses to “Episode #8 “Nick Johnson 24/7””

  1. Can we get more oob’s? those are cool

  2. Thanks. I’m working on more Out Of Bounds clips. Got any ideas for questions?

  3. Favorite pro teams from any sport, favorite players

  4. or favorite tv show

  5. Favorite TV show could work. I’ll see what sort of answers I get from the team.

  6. Another plan could be Cory Joseph talking bout the difference between Canada and American High School Ball.

  7. @david Actually, I have an all Canada episode coming up with both Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson where they talk about that. The OOB clips are more for quick man on the street answers.

  8. Ok, cou I cant wait for that one, whens that coming out?

  9. @david Soon (ha). Still working on it.

  10. What clip is comin up next and when?

  11. […] #9 Nick Johnson 24/7 You saw Part 1 of Nick Johnson’s video journal with the Findlay Prep Pilots road game. Here is Part […]

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