Episode #10

You know when your favorite show reaches that 100th episode, and the networks make a big deal out of it? I never really understood that. Well, until now.

I can honestly say that I’m kinda hyped for this 10th episode..ha ha. Well, hype is not the word I want to use. Proud is more like it. The Season has been my project for almost two years now, and despite the road blocks (some major, some minor, but nothing that I couldn’t bounce back from), I’ve still managed to produce some solid content. Yes, if you can’t tell I’m patting myself on the back…ha ha.

Episode #10 tackles a lot of different stories in 10 minutes. If you haven’t noticed, I’m getting away from a lot of the highlight footage and trying to tell more stories of the Findlay Prep team. I really want you to hear from the players and the coaches themselves. Besides, you know these guys are talented. You don’t need me to bash you over the head with 2 minutes of flashy dunks and passes over the score of some Lil’ Wayne. Besides, that’s all one Google search away. Like I said in my special message, I’m really trying to give you an inside look to what’s going on with this basketball team.

Oh, props to one of my most favorite DJ’s based out of the Bay area, DJ Spinnerty. I had been wanting to use some of his music in previous episodes, but couldn’t find the right fit.  For people that remember the very first episode, I went back to another remake of Ronnie Foster’s Mystic Brew.  This one is by DJ Cam.  Kinda brings the series full circle.

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If you’ve read this far…thanks.

UPDATE: [wow, so I’ve been updating this post with links and stuff, and the video already has 40 views?  The video isn’t even done processing yet.  The picture has all kinds of pixels on it and y’all steady viewing huh?  Ha.  Thanks y’all.]


~ by dseals on March 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Episode #10”

  1. Are you going to have posts about the national championships?

  2. @Luka Giflic Not sure if we’re going to be in Baltimore for the ESPN Rise Championship next weekend. We’re still trying to get some last minute things together.

  3. good luck to you and good luck to Findlay.

  4. 3 days away!!! any news?

  5. good to see Tristan and Cory at Mickey D’s game.

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