“Last Practice”

A few days ago I emailed Coach Todd Simon to find out what the practice schedule was going to be for the next week. He said they were scrimmaging on Friday at 3, and then they would hold their last two practices on Monday and Tuesday from 11-1. For a while I had kept myself from practice so I could work on the upcoming episodes. It had got to a point where I was doing a ton of shooting, but not enough editing (hence the long break in January and February). I would come home from a shoot and see my desk just littered with DV tapes that I had yet to import.

So I was like…fine. I locked myself in my office (or what I call an office) and spent weeks organizing my tapes and importing over 15 hours of footage of the Findlay team. It was funny cause I found a couple tapes that had game footage that I had completely forgot about. Anyway, during this time I put together Episode #10, outlined Episode #11 (which is coming soon) and if you can believe it finished Episode #13 which is going to be titled “Oh Canada“.

After I emailed Coach Simon I realized all this editing was keeping me from shooting…ha ha. So I drove down to Henderson International and shot the last two practices. I know it’s not too long, but you get an idea of what they’re doing before they leave.


~ by dseals on April 1, 2010.

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