Episode #12 “Oh, Canada!” (part 1)

I had been thinking of doing an episode on Cory and Tristan since January. Now that they were seniors on the Findlay Prep team, I was interested in hearing their story. By February I learned that I wasn’t the only one. It’s no secret, but a majority of my views on YouTube and the blog here are from Canada. There are probably more Canadians checking out The Season than people who live right here in Las Vegas. Crazy right?   Just a heads up to the people in Austin, TX, expect to have an entire country following the Longhorns next season.

This episode was supposed to come out over a month ago, but I kept messing with it and adding things. That’s why I’ll have to post it in two parts. I expect to post the full uncut version on Vimeo since they allow clips longer than 10 minutes. Episode #13 (part 2) will be up before the end of the weekend.

Much thanks to both Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson for allowing me to photograph their daily lives for this episode. Much props to Nolan Shulman over at Flagrant Fouls for showcasing Canadian Basketball and The Season.


~ by dseals on May 22, 2010.

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