Episode #13 “Oh, Canada!” (part 2)



~ by dseals on May 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Episode #13 “Oh, Canada!” (part 2)”

  1. Great episodes liked em both

  2. awsome 2 parter, GO CANADA , the anthem at the end was pretty terrible though

  3. I’m a Canadian, and I’m a baller and Canadians have a high basketball IQ we just don’t have the same work regiment when it comes to sports as Americans do. I went to high school in Toronto and in Queens and it was night and day. In New York, gym class was basketball, practiced 6 days a week 2hrs at least then went to the park and played for 2 or 3 more hours, everyday! That’s everywhere in America for every sport. That’s how the top high school athletes are living. It ain’t like that in Canada but it’s gotten a whole lot better over the years, and I’m ol’skool from ’88 and I’ve watched it grow in Toronto from before the Raptors until now. Canadians always had ballers who know how to play the game, but NOW, we know how to be winners and the hard work it takes to compete at the next level. You done know…Chicken is in the building!!!

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