Episode #14

Shooting the Findlay team in Baltimore for the ESPN Rise Tournament was the most fun I had had all season. It was a lot of hard work, but it was fun work. Does that make sense?  Like I really enjoyed the rush of shooting in the locker room, and then running to the media room to record the press conference.  Maybe that’s just a sign that I need help..ha ha.

I arrived in Maryland kinda behind with the team already in the second round. It would have had a problem if they had lost..ha ha. I remember getting my press pass and thinking, “I gotta shoot this better than last year.”  Looking back on that episode from Season One, I feel I really missed a lot of great moments.  Especially on the court after the game was over.  Plus I don’t think I captured enough video to set the mood for what the Pilots had accomplished.  This year I did much better because, ha… I essentially tried to shoot everything. I even spent an entire morning trying to get b-roll footage of the area around Baltimore (something I didn’t but wished I had done in Rockvillle, MD last year).  Funny, my b-roll footage of Baltimore was much different than what ESPN got.

Speaking of the “mothership“, while I had access to their footage, I didn’t use a lot of it (there will be a few seconds in Episode #15). Other than that all the on court footage you see is my own. A lot of other stuff I shot I plan on compiling in a deleted scenes clip (similar to last year).

Just know that episodes #14 and #15 deal with the Findlay Prep PIlots winning their second NHSI Championship in a row. Also note that Episode #16 will be the last clip of The Season.


~ by dseals on June 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “Episode #14”

  1. Can you interview Marko before he leaves?

  2. Unfortunately Marko has already left Las Vegas. The footage you see here is part of the last interview footage I have of him.

  3. any updates on the school situation?

  4. Jim, Coach Peck hasn’t made an announcement and I haven’t heard anything. I thought there would be an announcement by now, but I know the coaches are busy visiting players currently. That could be holding up the process. Know that when they do make an announcement about their new location, I’ll be there.

  5. I will never forget those days of conditioning with Coach Peck. Please Donnies Seal when are you going to send me a copy of the video that you made for me on my last day in Henderson.

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