Working on Episode #15

Let me go back about a month.  The Findlay Prep end of the year banquet was approaching and I was preparing a video to show at the dinner.  The plan was to turn that video into Episodes #14 and #15.  For the most part, #14 is exactly how I had put it together outside of the credits rolling over the b-roll footage of Baltimore.

Episode #15 however is getting a complete rework and I’m actually very excited about it.  I feel like I’ve  restored an old Corvette with this latest video and I almost want to put it up there with one of the best of the season (although Episode #10 is still going to be tough to beat).

I’m disappointed I never got a chance to give seniors Thomas Laerke and Marko Petrovic their own episodes, but both get shine in #15.  Cory and Tristan were showcased in Episodes #12 and #13, and Godwin will get his shine in the season finale, “Godwin’s Last Game”.

Expect to see #15 up in a few days.  I’m cleaning up some small glitches and trying to add some music here and there.


~ by dseals on June 9, 2010.

One Response to “Working on Episode #15”

  1. […] already talked in detail about this episode in the previous post. However I do want to give props to BJ from ARTS & KRAPHTS GALLERIES for lacing this episode […]

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