Episode # 17 “The Locker Room”

Coach Peck doesn’t walk in the locker room immediately during half time. He’ll stand outside of the locker room by himself quiet. Coach Simon and the rest of the staff will discuss some numbers from the first half, but most of the the time there’s no talk. In the locker room depending on how the game is going, the players will talk to each other often praising or critiquing each other. Once Coach Peck walks in, all talk stops. And like Nigel said in Episode #16, “He doesn’t come in barking, it’s real smooth like.”

We’re continuing on in our Deleted Scenes series from this past season.   As you know, a lot of The Season is shot in the Findlay locker room and these are just a few moments with the Findlay team.  Visit any locker room no matter the sport, and you’ll find honest and sometimes cold analysis of what we’ve seen on the court or field.  I’m lucky to work with a basketball staff that allows me, and ultimately you the audience, a chance to view that world.  A lot of great moments happen in the locker room, but I can’t put them all in there. Coach Peck gives a lot of instruction during these moments, including stuff happening off the court. That includes school and things going on at the house.  Here are a few locker room moments from games that I really liked but didn’t make the cut.


~ by dseals on August 24, 2010.

One Response to “Episode # 17 “The Locker Room””

  1. I love coach Peck! “I hate stupid stuff!” classic deleted scenes my man! We need to shop this to ESPN great work.

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