Pilot Conditioning Day #2

Actually, it’s not until tomorrow morning, but I’m posting early to talk about how I’m slowly putting together the premier episode of the third season.  When I arrived on the Henderson International campus on Monday morning, it felt like last year all over again.  I almost fell in to the same exact shots from Episode #1, which kinda upset me.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I’m not trying to rehash everything from last year.  At heart I’m an artist…ha ha, so I like to try new angles, new questions and new ideas.  Otherwise things get boring very fast.

Sure, there are a bunch of new personalities this year, so that alone makes things different.  In fact the Canadian levels are the highest they’ve ever been at Findlay (that should make for an interesting Canadian Episode, no?)

Just know that I’m excited about this new Findlay squad, and that I’m trying to take The Season down a new path.  Have an idea for a story?  Hit up my email address: dseals@gmail.com.


~ by dseals on September 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Pilot Conditioning Day #2”

  1. i love you videos first of all. Me personally would most wnat just an episode with one of the players where we get to see the workout, see how hard findlays workouts are, and maybe and episode wher they show the drills

  2. Thanks. I’ve shown the weight room a few times, but not enough. Great idea. I know I shoot a lot of drills, but I’d hate to turn The Season in to an instructional video….ha ha. I’ll keep this all in mind when I’m at practice. Thanks.

  3. Great Videos.. Been watching for 2 years. Just an idea what if you showed how all the players are on diff aau teams and come together to be on one team..

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