Episode #22 “The Future”

The Findlay Prep program holds their end of the year banquet at the Main Street Station Casino in Downtown Vegas. Fresh off the heels of their first NHSI Championship, they all gathered for dinner and an end of the year video highlighting the season (put together my me of course). Afterwards Coach Simon introduced me to Virgil Williams-Goss. I found out that his son was attending Findlay Prep next year and that their entire family was moving from Oregon to Southern Nevada in the coming weeks. Right then, the wheels started spinning in my head about the possible story elements.

Season 2 started and I had a ton of ideas I wanted to address including the Nigel story. Honestly, I really should have done this episode last year while he was a freshmen. I think it would have been interesting to watch his game grow after 4 years of Findlay Basketball. When the season started, for some reason I never got a chance to start the story. Nigel was always put on the back burner. And I wasn’t alone in my thinking because I would receive emails and messages from people via YouTube saying “Why don’t you dedicate an episode to the Goss kid?” Why did it take so long? Well, I knew it wasn’t something I couldn’t just shoot in a month and post on YouTube. Nigel’s story ran deeper than that, and I wanted to explore a lot of different elements.

Fast forward to the summer of 2010, I attended a couple of Nigel’s AAU games with Double Pump (which you see in the beginning of the episode). It was there that I saw how much he had grown as a player. I spent a lot of the summer at the Williams-Goss household just hanging out talking basketball. So after shooting and editing this, I’ve come to realize that this is just a small piece of a much larger story. I cut a lot of stuff out that I plan on revisiting later (UNLV committment, leaving Oregon for Nevada, etc), but they all deserve their own episode.

So here is a small introduction to Nigel Williams-Goss, essentially the future of the Findlay Prep program.


~ by dseals on January 24, 2011.

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