Episode #21 “The Rhymes”

I watch a lot of videos online to help inspire me to work harder on The Season, but nobody inspires me to make my work better than my younger brother Eric. We both learned how to edit video around the same time, so our skill set behind AVID and Final Cut Pro while different, is about the same (I know he’s reading that and laughing). We both left the comforts of Chicago on the strength of our editing skills and we both had opportunities go sour. I ventured west for KVBC Las Vegas while Eric went east to Bristol, CT to work at “The Mothership” ESPN. After a few years cutting highlights for “duh duh duh, duh duh duh”, Eric felt he had more to offer and returned home to start the “Sportscenter” of Illinois high school sports: Illinois Prep.

Part of me has always wanted to see The Season through the eyes of another photographer and editor. I have a certain style, but just like some of my favorite shows on HBO and Showtime it helps to bring in a fresh set of ideas. I got that opportunity when Findlay Prep entered the State Farm Tournament in Peoria, IL. Eric was already planning on covering the tournament for Illinois Prep, so I asked if he wanted to put together an episode of The Season.

So here is The Season through the eyes of one of my biggest fans. Eric got to spend an afternoon with the Pilots as they did shoot around and hung out at the hotel. If you’re interested in seeing more prep clips from Illinois, check out and subscribe to his YouTube page. All the top talent in Illinois, especially Chicago, will cross his lens.


~ by dseals on January 30, 2011.

One Response to “Episode #21 “The Rhymes””

  1. great episode. have you thought about asking the players what it’s like to see their former teamates doing so well in college (ie.Thompson & Joseph)? i kno you asked coach peck in an older episode but i think it’d be cool to get an in depth look at what the players think?

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