Episode #23 “The Students”

THE SEASON: Episode #23

Featuring music by The ARE

I work the grave yard shift at the local Chevron gas station on weekends.

I’m mentioning that because there are a lot of new followers of The Season and they may not know that. Yeah, to keep this project going I work nights ringing up beer, cigarettes and a ton of junk food to blackjack dealers getting off work, drunks and kids trying to pawn off their fake ID’s.  Anyway, last summer during the Pilots off season Coach Johnson came in the store while I was working.  After talking up Chicago Bulls basketball (cause that’s what real fans do), I asked him how everything was going with the Findlay team since I hadn’t really heard anything. It was then that he confirmed the new system for the Findlay Prep program. Basically the Pilots were going to continue living at the house and attending Henderson International, which as of earlier that year was no longer operating as a traditional high school. The new setup involved just the Findlay players and one other student from last year.

After he left I kinda sat on it and thought, “Doesn’t this make it harder for them?”

You have to understand, the Findlay Prep program got (still gets) a lot of flack about not being a “real” high school last year. People didn’t see that the players actually attended a very well respected private high school in Henderson, NV. I’m telling you from my own account, the setup was no different than any other private high school institution. But with Henderson consolidating their campuses in to one, I knew understanding the new system would be tough.

So that’s part of what this episode is about. When I sat down with Coach Peck and Coach Simon, I asked them, “Doesn’t this make it harder for you guys? Are you prepared for the critics?”

We also spend time with Senior Nick Johnson on the opening day. This was the day the Pilots played Impact Academy, and I covered those video highlights with Episode #18. That’s why I didn’t stay with the highlights long in this episode. Originally I didn’t have any highlights from that game, but it looked awkward going from the pre game talk to the half time talk and then to the end of the game. I thought seeing at least a few plays helped that transition.


~ by dseals on February 14, 2011.

16 Responses to “Episode #23 “The Students””

  1. eyy mam where is the next episode y does it always take 4 eva to post them

  2. waitin for the next episode as well

  3. honestly you should have a certain day like every monday for example a new one comes out cuz this is ridiculous to the fans that follow the season its not fair

  4. kay i agree with u 100 %

  5. me 2 so that way we know when to expect an episode instead of waitin 4 so damn long

  6. finally ppl who feel like i do great idea kay this is gettin annoying hurry and post the next episode and choos a day and every week on that day post an episode ur slackin man

  7. i agree with you guys cuz if ths does not happen the fans will loose interest and keep it movin

  8. exactly

  9. I hope you realize I can see IP addresses. Nice try.

  10. Obviously you guys dont follow it enough to read what dseals writes in the columns under the videos.

    the first line he mentions under this video should explain why it takes a while. have a heart fellas ! plus doing this independently isn’t exactly easy to say the least !

  11. fair enough sorry

  12. When the next episode coming out??

  13. Episode #24 is currently out.

    We’re going to be going away from this blog for future updates. Make sure you subscribe and follow @findlayseason on twitter.

  14. Thanks!

  15. no more videos?

  16. I wanna go to findlay soo bad :( ive seen every episode and every time I watch I want to go even more!

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